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Janet Vessels' Page of Publications, Presentations and Information for Parents, Mental Health Professionals and the Public




Original Play Therapy Intervention: Feelings Kerplunk. Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents and Families Volume Three: Practitioners Share Their Most Effective Techniques Edited by Liana Lowenstein. 2011. 

Health and Wellness Magazine 2009-2010

 “Tourette Syndrome (TS): To Treat or Not to Treat”

“Play: It’s Just Good for You!”

“Make Your New Year a Success”

“Holiday Blues or Clinical Depression?” 

“Is it ADHD or Something Else? Trauma, Maybe!”

“Finding Your Way in the Maze of Mental Health Care” 

“A Search for Independence or Oppositional and Defiant Behaviors”

“Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Searching for Alternative Treatments”

“A Broken Heart: Stress, Depression, and Anxiety May Cause Heart Problems”

A news segment from Lexington's LEX18 News, Health Watch at 5PM March 17, 2014


"Introduction to Play Therapy" Movie Night #2 "Directive or Non-Directive: How Do You Decide?". April 11, 2014 6-9PM University of Kentucky and Kentucky Association for Play Therapy. UK Funkhouser Building, 3rd Floor Conference Room. Three Hours

“Introduction to Play Therapy” Movie Night: Play Therapy Learning Series. February 28, 2014. Kentucky Association for Play Therapy (KAPT) and University of Kentucky, Department of Family Studies.   Three hours.

“Be the Best Play Therapists You Can Be” Hope’s Place and Kentucky Association for Play Therapy. Ashland, KY Six Hours.

“Parents as Partners in Raising Relatives” Support Group for Fayette County Schools, Family Resource and Youth Service Centers. 2011-2012. Twelve Hours.

 “Matching Play Therapy Techniques with Treatment Goals and Objectives, Part One and Two.” October 16, 2008.  Lindsey Wilson College. Sponsored by the Kentucky Association for Play Therapy, Regional Victims Services Program and The Adanta Group. Three Hours.

“Integrating Play Therapy into a Social Work Practice.” Bluegrass Chapter of the Kentucky Association of Social Workers. May 15, 2008. One Hour.

“Building Self Esteem in Adolescence” Three Hours. Fayette County Alternative School at Florence Crittenden Inc. Spring, 2008.

“Play Therapy Techniques for Tomorrow” Co-presented at the Focusing on the Children Conference. Lindsey Wilson College. Sponsored by Kentucky Association for Play Therapy, and Adanta Group Regional Victim Services Program, November 2, 2007.

“The Power of Play: Play Activities for All Ages.” August 2007. Virginia Place.

“Play Therapy Interventions with Children in Out-of-Home Care” July 26, 2007.  LifeWay for Youth. Lexington, KY. Three Hours.

“Stress Management” July 28, 2007. The Salvation Army: Hanger Lodge. Two Hours.

“Helping Build Your Child’s Self Esteem” January 22, 2007 The Salvation Army: Hanger Lodge. Two Hours

“Parenting Children During Stressful Times: Using Play to Cope” October 11, 2006 The Salvation Army: Hanger Lodge. Two Hours.

“Responsive Disciple: Why Children Misbehave and What to Do So You Don’t Have to Beat Them.” November 8, 2006. The Salvation Army: Hanger Lodge. Two Hours. 

“The Power of Play: Play Activities for All Ages.” August 24, 2006. Virginia Place. Two Hours.

AAMFT Conference Nashville TN. October 18-21, 2001.thFamily Education Roundtable “Scientific Art: Evidence-Based Therapy” American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. 59

“Helping Families Understand Mental Illness in Their Loved One.” The First Annual West Texas Family Support Conference February 23-24, 2001.  El Paso, TX.

“Symptoms of Psychosis and Affective Disorders” Citadel Mental Health Services. June 9, 2000. Three Hours.

“Training on SOAP” Citadel Mental Health Services, June 23, 2000. Three Hours.

“Suicide and Homicide” Life Management Center for MHMR Services as part of the Center Staff Orientation.

“TDMHMR Assessment Requirements: Multnomah Community Ability Scale, Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale, Community Alcohol and Drug Scale.” Life Management Center for MHMR Services as part of Clinical Staff Orientation to Outpatient Services.

“Ethics in Counseling.” El Paso Psychiatric Hospital. 2000-2001.Co-presented with Sheila Loya.  Three Hours.

“Games Children Play.” The Mary Lee Foundation. 1996.  Austin, TX. Three Hours.

“Urban and Rural Children: Similarities and Differences.” The Mary Lee Foundation. 1996.  Kerrville, TX. Three Hours.

“Mental Health Issues in Youth.” The Mary Lee Foundation. 1996.   Austin, TX. Three Hours.








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