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Hands Holding Each Other
Hands Holding Hands

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a broad range of techniques used by qualified mental health professionals to accomplish therapeutic goals. Play therapy techniques can be used with clients of all ages, but is most often used with children and adolescents.

Play is often referred to as “the language of children,” and therefore is extremely useful in helping a child to resolve the issues which bring them in for treatment. Whether your child is experiencing anxiety, acting out, coping with divorce, or bullying, play therapy works!

Janet Vessels and Christopher Westerman are registered play therapist-supervisors! What does this mean? It means they have received specialized education, training, and clinical supervision in play therapy. They can offer supervision to new play therapists who are learning play therapy. Chris and Janet offer play therapy to children and families using play activities like games, art, sandtray, and helpful activities to help parent-child interactions. 

An informative video about the power of play therapy is available through this link and sponsored by the Association for Play Therapy.