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Parent Assessment and Coaching

Have you lost custody of your child/children? 

Are you ordered by the court to seek "reunification" therapy/services with your child/children?

We can help you with a thorough parenting assessment and coaching to enhance your relationship with your children. You will learn real practical parenting not taught in a classroom! Parenting strategies that enhance your ability to connect with your child(ren) including:

* learning how to engage with them in an age-appropriate and playful way

*learning age-appropriate challenging activities that support your child(ren)'s ability

*learning healthy nurturing because sometimes children of all ages need your closeness

*learning the importance of structure for the child in a loving way that encourages acceptance of boundaries.

You and your child may learn to accept that you can provide and they can accept a structured, engaging, nurturing and challenging life using play activities designed for you and your child. 

This is not a curriculum or one-size-fits-all method of parenting skills training. This IS an individualized assessment and method to repair your relationship, the parent-child relationship. It is evidence-based and encourages age-appropriate play between parent and child. 

**There is no guarantee this method will be effective with parents and/or children who have trauma associated with yourself or the other parent. 

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