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Gender Acceptance

Gender Affirmation, Acceptance and Support

Janet Vessels has worked with LGBTQ population, specfically transgender or gender non-conforming (GNC) people for many years. Gender dysphoria, formerly Gender Identity Disorder, is a mismatch between one's physical body and their internal sense of gender. Counseling children uses play-based interventions, while adolescents and families find gender acceptance and confirming counseling or "talk therapy" to cope with the stress of their feelings and concerns about themselves helpful and effective. Counseling is NOT meant to change their minds about how they think and feel about their gender but affirm their feelings, accept themselves and explore their true identity or self. Often depression, anxiety, suidical ideation, low self-esteem, and self-injury evolve from struggling with one's gender identity. Professional counseling can help you work through your thoughts and feelings to move toward acceptance, and assist with your transition plan. 

Many clients seek a counselor who is willing to provide a letter or other documentation for medications or surgery to move through their gender transition. Janet has provided letters of support following a thorough assessment or evaluation, on a case-by-case basis. Janet follows the World Professional Association for Transgender Heath (WPATH) guidelines that outline the role of the mental health professional in the transition of transgender or gender non-conforming people. 

Janet is an ally member of TransParentLex, a support and advocacy group for parents with transgender children. Janet has provided training to the community and professionals about transgender issues. 

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