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Considerations in Choosing a Counselor/Therapist

Consider your confidence in the therapist's abilities as well as practical matters (e.g., insurance accepted). Here are some simple questions to consider when selecting a Counselor/Therapist).

Is your Insurance accepted?
Your regular health insurance may not cover the same as the company who covers mental health. See a list of insurances we accept at right.

Are they accepting new clients?
Do their office hours meet your needs?
You want to find someone that allows your to make appointments fo fit your schedule. (see our schedule at right)

Are you comfortable in their approach to counseling/therapy?
Just as you wouldn't commit to spend money on a car you didn't like or, were not confident that it would be reliable!. You need to be comfortable and confident enough to share personal issues and problems.

If You have any question please give us a call today, we would love to help.

You can also send us emails using the links below.

Or see if we're a good fit by scheduling an appointment.