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Our Mission

Our professional staff offers mental health counseling, marriage and family therapy, and support services in a comfortable, friendly environment. We offer individual counseling for children, adolescents and adults using a variety of expressive and trauma therapies to help you and your family feel better and make the changes for a more satisfying life.  We offer family counseling and coaching for parents coping with an adolescent with self-injury or other out of control behavior. We help families who struggle with parenting the “difficult child.” If you have tried the traditional "talk therapy" without lasting results, or want to consider treatments before or to avoid the use of medications, please give us a call. *Medications are helpful in many instances, however, you have a choice in treatment options. Let us help you with guidance and support to make the right decision for yourself, your child and family.

Do you answer "Yes" to any of these questions?
    • My child/adolescent has behavior problems at home or school.
    • I need help with parenting.
    • My ex-spouse or my child's other parent and I do not see "eye to eye" on how to on discipline/parenting/time-sharing.
    • I, or my child/adolescent, have experienced domestic violence, physical abuse, emotional abuse or other trauma.
    • My child/adolescent, has seen or heard parental conflict over visitation time.
    • My child/adolescent, feels like they are "in the middle" of the conflict between his/her parents.
    • I or, my child/adolescent, struggles with adjusting to changes in life (lose of loved one, divorce, change in schools/peers).
    • My child/adolescent, has difficulty making or keeping friends.
    • My child tells me about feelings of sadness or, nervousness.
    • I am angry and can't let it go.
    • I am afraid my adolescent is hurting themselves (cutting, burning, scratching).
    • I or, my child/adolescent pulls/removes hair, brows or, skin excessively.
    • I hurt myself to numb my overwhelming feelings of anger, sadness, loneliness or, worthlessness.
    • I have heard my child express express thoughts of hurting themself.
    • I feel like life is not worth living.
    • I often feel abandoned and have experienced intense relationship that did not end well.
    • My child/adolescent, has experienced an inability to stay focused on tasks or, seems "spaced out" at times.
    • I or, my child, struggle(s) with accepting responsibility for behaviors and do not recall their misbehavior.
    • My child/adolescent, is defiant and out of control.
If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions please give us a call today. We can help.

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