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Tic Study

Janet has created a play-based treatment for children, 6-10 years old, who experience tics. Children who are 6-10 years old have been told there is no treatment or possibly the tics will resolve without treament. Now, there is an age-appropriate treatment for tics and the associate conditions (anxiety, opposition, etc) that frequently go along with tics.

Some children with tics report they attempt to avoid "talking about the tics" because it makes the tics worse. Play-based interventions with tics involves learning strategies to manage some of the underlying issues, like stress, anxiety, lack of self-confidence and poor self-esteem. 

Parents like this type of treatment because their children have fun and want to return to learn helpful strategies to help them manage their life and gain self-control. 

The tic study is FREE and is part of Janet's doctoral dissertation through the University of the Cumberlands, School of Counseling.

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